Useful Moving Tips Find some helpful thing you can do to help make your move as seamless as possible.

Packing Tips

    • Pack all smaller items in boxes
    • Distribute heavy items like books evenly throughout your packing boxes so no one box is too heavy to lift and manoeuvre
    • Breakable items must all be well wrapped in materials like newspapers, towels and bubble wrap and then marked clearly as FRAGILE
    • Pack CDs and records vertically instead of flat
    • Disassemble any large items that break down to make for more flexible packing options
    • Roll and tape carpets and rugs
    • Do not mix valuable items like jewellery and documents with the rest of your belonging. Pack and transport them yourself
    • Create a list of all your belongings so you can check they all arrive safely at your new destination
    • It is also handy to have an inventory of the contents of every box for smoother unpacking in your new space


Although we do the heavy lifting and logistics on the day of your move there are some easy preparations you can make to make the whole process smoother and more efficient for everyone involved. We have compiled a few reference tips for when you book our cheap Melbourne removalist services :

CREATE A CHECKLIST – By creating a list you will be able to keep things more organised when relocating house.

PACKING LOGISTIC TIPS – Moving boxes are by far the best way to make the optimum use of your space. You can get free moving buses easily by going to Bunnings Warehouse or you can buy them from your nearest self-storage or online shops.

STORAGE ARRANGEMENT – Ensure you have your storage needs sorted before our mover arrives at your residence.

PARKING – Parking charges or parking infringements will be the responsibility of the client and not the mover. Please ensure there is sufficient parking options or a reasonable alternative for us to use to make the process as simple as possible.

PAYMENT – Our movers do not have EFTPOS facilities, please ensure you have enough cash on you to settle at the end of the move. Extra time taken to get cash after completing the job will be charged.

MINOR ISSUES – To ensure the smoothest process make sure the items you require us to move is clearly separate from the items you are handling yourself. Arrange care for pets and children on day of moving.