Terms of Service

We try our level best to be on the time confirmed to our clients. However there could be circumstances due to which delays may occur. Thus we do not guarantee arrival time.

Parking in the area is the responsibility of the customer. Client must pay any Parking Charges that apply and Parking Infringement if issued while on the job.

We start charging from when Movers arrive at the given pickup address.
Minimum charges for 1 hour apply to all movings. Time taken more than 1 hour is on 30 minute increments.

Prices exclude GST. If you may want a Tax Invoice, 10% GST will be additional to the total charges. However we can still provide you with a receipt for the payment excluding GST.

We do not hold any liablity towards any loss or damage occurred during the moving or due to delay that may occur.
Additional charges may apply when disposing off certain goods at rubbish tips.

Toll Roads will only be used when the client asks so. CityLink or EastLink trips will incur a charge of $10 for each trip.
Client must arrange for his own Goods in Transit Insurance prior to the day of Moving.

Cancellation must be made prior to the day of the moving. If a cancellation is made at the arrival of our Movers at given pickup address for any reason, client is liable for a minimum 1 hour charge.

All payments for the rendered services must be paid in Cash at the completion. Other modes of payment must be arranged for prior to the commencement of moving.

In case of non payment, we reserve the right to re-possess the delivered goods and store it in our storage. In such circumstances, client will be liable for any additional transportation, storage and administration costs thus incurred.
In case of non payment where goods are seized, client must clear all dues by the due date given. If payment is not made by due date, we reserve the right to sell or dispose of the seized goods in lieu of outstanding payments.

Our Movers reserve the right to deny unloading of any goods prior to the payment for services rendered. Client must pay the estimated value for services according to the hourly charge, the services were booked at.
Our Movers reserve the right to deny any moving if they consider it not to be safe