Getting Ready For Your Interstate Move – Top Tips

March 30, 2018 Getting Ready For Your Interstate Move – Top Tips

Ahh, the dreaded interstate move. As if trying to fit all of your belongings into cardboard boxes wasn’t stressful enough, now you’re dealing with getting it all across state/territory lines. Whether you’re just popping down to Victoria from New South Wales, or you’re going the whole nine and leaving Perth’s west coast for Queensland’s east coast, moving interstate is always a big deal!

To make the whole ordeal a little less stressful, we’ve put together some top tips for getting organised. Use our step by step guide to glide through the tricky interstate moving process and hopefully arrive in your new destination with everything in one piece and your mind feeling at peace.

1. Figure out what you want to sell

When you’re thinking about lugging everything you own in this world to a new state, you’re not always thinking about selling stuff. But really, this is the best time to do it! You’ll get an injection of cash to use toward your relocation, plus you’ll have less unwanted, unused stuff to take with you.

Think about it; will moving to Sydney suddenly make you use your bike that’s been gathering dust in the garage for the last 3 years? Do you really think your kids will want to play with their abandoned Xbox now they’re living on the Gold Coast? Are those clothes you haven’t worn since 10 years ago going to get any less outdated once you’ve crossed into South Australia?

Another big ticket item is your car. Whether you drive it yourself or have it transported, taking your car when moving interstate is pricey. So now is a great time to revaluate whether you want to keep that old bomb, or whether you’ll need your faithful vehicle now you’ll be living in the city.

If you do decide you won’t need it, the good news is that there are services where all you have to say is “can you sell my car?” and the next minute they’ll be handing you instant cash.

2. Get packing

“Stuff” seems to creep in when we’re not looking – we never thought we were hoarders until we’re moving house and can fill an entire large box with random trinkets. It’s usually not until you start packing that you realise you may have accumulated much more than you original thought, and that’s when the whole process becomes a bit more overwhelming.

The best tip here is to start packing as early as possible. Obviously there will be things you need to leave out until the final day, like most of your kitchen appliances and clothes, but there will also be plenty of stuff you can survive without for the last week or even longer.

By getting an early start and spreading the process out, your house might feel like a bit of a construction zone but you’ll definitely feel less stressed on moving day. Not to mention, it’ll feel like a lot less work overall by doing a bit here and there.

3. Get a quote from a removalist before you start

A lot of people leave getting a price quote from a removalist as one of the last things you do, but really it should be the first! This way, you won’t be as stressed in shopping around for the right one, and you’ll know how much budget you have to work with for all the other bits and pieces you have to organise.

Move4Cheap understands how busy you are, which is why we offer free quotes online. Contact us today and see how affordable we can make relocating interstate can be!